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    Choosing the Right Pendant Lamp Height

    When hung correctly, pendant lights can make for a stunning focal point in any room. When they are hung too high or low, however, they can feel disconnected from the space and even look off-putting. Choosing the right height for your pendant lamp is not an easy task, but with some careful planning you can easily achieve an ideal result. A good place to start is by measuring your ceiling height. You will then know how far down to mount your light fixture. It is also important to consider other factors, such as how much clearance you want between the bottom of your light and any obstacles, such as doors…

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    Careers in the Furniture Industry

    The furniture industry is a huge and ever-growing field that offers plenty of opportunities for employment. Whether you’re interested in designing, selling, manufacturing, or even working on the administrative side of things, there is likely to be a position within this sector that suits your skills and interests. If you have a flair for woodworking, furniture making might be the perfect career path for you. This light industrial career involves creating new pieces of furniture that are functional and visually appealing. As a result, it requires extensive knowledge of woodworking and design. Furniture makers work with a variety of tools, including saws, sanders, drills, chisels, and paint to create their…