Chandelier 3D Warehouse

chandelier 3d warehouse

Chandelier 3d warehouse is a huge library of pre-designed 3D models and objects. It’s an essential resource for architects, designers and CAD users. They can save an enormous amount of time and effort by using the Warehouse to source a wide range of high-quality, readymade 3D models.

Model Info: Each model in the Warehouse is described with a description, statistics, viewing tools, sharing tools and comments from other users. If you’re searching for a specific model, simply enter the title, description or hashtag in the search box and press ‘Search’.

Collections: These collections of related models are created by users like you, and are a great way to save time looking for what you’re looking for. There are over 100 collections containing a wide variety of models, from industrial plants to trees and flowers.

Useful Resources: The 3D Warehouse is full of helpful resources for CAD and SketchUp users, including tutorials, guides and tips. You can also explore the collection of third-party extensions, which can help you optimise your workflow by making it easier to get the most out of your software.

Furniture: The Warehouse offers a large selection of attractive, realistic pre-designed furniture models and objects in all shapes, sizes, colours and designs. You can browse the collection by category, find individual pieces of furniture or search for a specific product name or brand icon.

Material: The Warehouse also offers an extensive selection of materials, including a great variety of metals, wood and tiles. These can be incorporated into your models in the exact proportions you need, saving valuable time and resources on site.

Colours: The Warehouse has a large range of colours to choose from, from low-cost neutrals to vibrant hues and metallic shades. These can be added to your models to reflect the environment you’re designing for.

Embedding: The Warehouse can serve up HTML code that you can use to embed a model on your website, so that anyone can view the model in 3D without leaving your site. This is particularly useful for product manufacturers and designers who want to show their models off without requiring visitors to download them into SketchUp first.