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7 Top Men’s Shirts For You To Choose

For men, shirts are like a personal business card. The style can be business or leisure. As a classic item in a man’s wardrobe, shirts can be said to be the most indispensable type. A well-crafted, stylish, and well-cut shirt is often seen as one of the outward manifestations of a successful person. Men’s shirts can highlight their tall and straight posture, and high-quality shirts can highlight their personal temperament and are full of charm! Shirts are not only a must for business dress, but also the first choice for trendy men, an expression of men’s exquisite attitude towards life! So what are the men’s shirt brands? Which brand of men’s shirts is the best? Today, Xiaobian recommends some of the world’s top men’s shirt brands, and the list of high-quality, high-value men’s shirt brands!

Turnbull & Asser

Turnbull & Asser started in 1885 and currently only has three stores in London, UK and one store in New York, USA. As a shirt supplier designated by the Prince of Wales, in addition to being loved by the royal family, many celebrities also like this brand, such as Churchill, Reagan, James Bond, Kingman’s shirts are all his.

All shirts are produced in our own factory in the UK, all using traditional British craftsmanship – no fusible interlining of the collar. Turnbull & Asser can be said to be a representative brand of British shirts. Although it may seem relatively small compared with other big brands, it can be regarded as one of the most compelling brands of shirt brands.


Emma Willis is a boutique bespoke shirt maker on London’s famous Jermyn Street, beloved by the London fashion world. Jeon Emma Willis launched her eponymous label in 1999 after honing her skills at the Slade School of Art. In 1999, she opened her own private boutique on legendary Jermyn Street, thus establishing herself among London’s leading tailors. In 2010, production moved to the 18th-century Bearland House in historic Gloucester, where every garment’s expert could use time-honored techniques to achieve expert-level precision, such as the single-needle method at the seams. Aligned with prints, the delicate staples are presented in sophisticated shades with a trim of British origin.

All its shirts are produced in its own factory in the UK, hand-cut and made from the highest quality cotton.

Hilditch & Key

Hilditch & Key started in 1899 and has long been recognised as the leading shirt maker on Jermyn Street in London (Jermyn Street is the ideal place for shirt makers and gentlemen’s accessories) and is known for the most gentleman’s shirts, knitwear and ready-to-wear. Hilditch & Key has entered a new era of classic and timeless style, born from tradition is a brand new collection, worn and designed by the most discerning, to express personal style with confidence.

Its shirts, with perfectly cut collars, fine details, and elegantly draped textures, are full of energy for men who are at ease and for those who prefer classic design and craftsmanship, yet creative and modern.


Charvet started in 1838 as a French high-end shirt manufacturer. It was the world’s first shirt shop, located in Place Vendôme in Paris, offering a wider range of fabrics and personalised tailoring of shirts and ties, revolutionising retail. For more than 100 years, its shirts have been world-renowned for their noble and elegant designs, and have become one of the best quality shirt brands in the world.

Its fabric room has more than 6,000 kinds of materials for you to choose from. There are woven fabrics from Switzerland, Italy, and England, the more common velvet, oxford, spun yarn, voile, fine linen, muslin, twill, silk and linen, to name a few. Once the fabric is selected, the salesperson will help you choose different styles of collars and sleeves. All shirts are made in a factory located on the outskirts of Paris. Whether it is a custom-made shirt or a finished shirt, except for the two procedures of buttoning and ironing, a female worker is responsible for the entire process of each garment. Charvet pays great attention to the details of the clothes.

Charvet is probably the shirt brand with the most celebrity clients in history, and one of the most expensive shirt brands in the world.


The top menswear brands from Naples in southern Italy, Naples in Italy and Savile Row in London are the world’s top custom clothing holy places, mainly targeting the world’s top customers. The word Kiton comes from “chitone”, the formal tunic worn by the ancient Greeks when they prayed at the Olympian ceremonies. It is a symbol of timelessness, elegance and simplicity, hence the name Kiton when the founder of the brand, Mr. Ciro Paone, established the company in 1956.

Kiton is the only international brand in the world that manufactures suits according to the most authentic Neapolitan traditional handmade craftsmanship. Kiton is in the menswear industry what Ferrari is in the sedan industry: a combination of Italian glamour and sophistication and virtuosity. In 2011, kiton custom clothing won one of the top five “world’s best custom clothing brands” selected by the world’s top luxury research organization “Robb Report”.

Hand-sewn clothes are alive, Kiton’s life is attached to the wearer, giving the wearer an indescribable noble spirit. When connoisseurs talk about the art of tailoring, Kiton is always mentioned, respected for its luxurious fabrics and admired for its delicate tailoring. Because the creed of managers is: “the best of the best plus one”.


Brioni started in 1945 and is a famous top men’s clothing brand in Italy, from Brioni, the international fashion capital of Rome. Known for bespoke men’s suits, ready-to-wear collections and leather goods. Although it does not focus on shirts, its shirts are also very respected. The brand has grown rapidly thanks to its brand positioning for high-end customers, the surging interest of American consumers in the brand, and the rapid economic recovery after World War II.

Brioni has the skills of the best craftsmen from Abruzzo, which made Brioni rise rapidly, between 1950 and 1960, it became the dress standard for the entertainment, political and business circles in Italy and abroad!

New & Lingwood

New & Lingwood is one of the long-established British brands and one of the most famous proprietary brands on London’s Jermyn Street. In 1922, New & Lingwood opened its first central London store on Jermyn Street, London, making it one of London’s most sought-after manufacturers of shirts, socks and shoes. N&L maintains a close relationship with the Royal Palace and has dressed Princes Charles, William and Harry for a variety of formal occasions.

The store design gives people a sense of comfort, the staff are very attentive, and the shirts here, whether prefabricated or custom, are of top quality. People who imitate Eton students come to N&L to shop for clothes – even after graduating from Eton College, these people continue to do so.

The above are the top men’s shirt brands recommended by the editor today.

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