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    Victorian Floor Lamps

    Victorian floor lamps provide a unique look to your living space, and are a wonderful addition to antique-inspired rooms. They typically feature a wrought iron base and stained glass shade, and come in a variety of styles and designs. These lamps are also ideal for rooms with traditional furniture, such as oak and cherry wood pieces. Adding one of these gorgeous lamps to your home will help bind the room’s decor together, and add a classic style element that will impress guests and visitors alike. The Indus lamp reflects a blend of Victorian and Art Nouveau styles with its gently flared accent panels crafted from iridescent green and amber art…

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    Floor lamp types and purchasing skills

    If you feel that your room is too monotonous and want a room full of style, then a characteristic floor lamp can often embellish your room with charming colors. In the following content, I will introduce to you the types of floor lamps and purchasing skills. Types of floor lamps According to the different lighting positions in the room, the selection of suitable floor lamps is also different. Floor lamps are mainly divided into the following three types: umbrella type, spotlight type, and sky type. Umbrella type floor lamp: soft light and strong presence The floor lamp is covered with an umbrella-shaped lampshade on the upper part of the lamp…

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    Most practical living room design and decorating tips

    Living room decoration is the soul of the whole home decoration! So, do you know how to design a living room and what are the design techniques for a living room? Next we will take you through the principles and techniques of living room design. How to Design a Living Room Generous space. In the living room decoration design, it is very important to create a feeling of spaciousness, no matter the space is large or small, it is necessary to pay attention to this in the interior decoration design. The feeling of spaciousness can lead to a relaxed mood and a happy mood. Maximize space. The living room is…