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    The Flos Parentesi Lamp by Italian Designer Flos Castiglioni

    Castiglioni was inspired by Pio Manzu, who had designed the Fiat 127. Though they had never met, the two men knew of each other’s work. Pio Manzu’s widow showed Castiglioni sketches of her husband’s work. Castiglioni was fascinated by the concept, which involved a tin with holes for light to radiate. The tin rested on a rod that ran from the ceiling to the floor. The rod was attached to a screw, which allows the tin to move. Flos The design for the Flos Parentesi lamp originated in an unexpected way. Its concept started when the late Italian designer Pio Manzu, known for his Fiat 127, died at a young…

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    Floor lamp types and purchasing skills

    If you feel that your room is too monotonous and want a room full of style, then a characteristic floor lamp can often embellish your room with charming colors. In the following content, I will introduce to you the types of floor lamps and purchasing skills. Types of floor lamps According to the different lighting positions in the room, the selection of suitable floor lamps is also different. Floor lamps are mainly divided into the following three types: umbrella type, spotlight type, and sky type. Umbrella type floor lamp: soft light and strong presence The floor lamp is covered with an umbrella-shaped lampshade on the upper part of the lamp…

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    The Five Best Study Desk Arrangement Tips

    It is also in the study space. If you are facing a dull and boring desk, you may want to sleep after only ten minutes, but sitting in front of a beautiful and healing desk for a long time is not tired. In this case, let’s make a good desk arrangement! The following editor will share with you five key points of study desk layout, to help you create a clean and comfortable reading environment that is easy to move, easy to store, and aesthetically pleasing. The key points of the study desk layout 1 – get the desk seat orientation, stay in the study more stable and focus Generally…