Top 10 Most Popular Bags in Classic Black


LOUIS VUITTON’s Vanity cosmetic bags have launched a new model! Different from the previously launched classic Monogram presbyopia, the new style is specially decorated with a low-key and chic Giant Monogram embossed pattern, with classic fashion black as the protagonist, with a leather top handle, creating an elegant and charming appearance. There are two leather tassel zipper pulls for easy opening, and a padlock for better storage, plus the adjustable length and detachable leather interwoven chain straps make the bag more practical!


Minimalist and small details, the Pochette Grenelle bag is made of Épi grain leather, which is extremely durable, so you don’t have to worry about scratching your favorite bag, and the eye-catching LV Initials logo on the front is special. Made in the same tone of fog and black, it is low-key and luxurious with personal taste. In addition to being carried by hand, it is also equipped with an adjustable length leather shoulder strap. You can change the way of use according to your needs. Come to one of the latest dream bags!

DIOR Caro Bag

DIOR Womenswear and Accessories Creative Director Maria Grazia Chiuri’s 2021 Early Spring Resort Collection The latest Dior Caro Chain Flap Bag, named after the alias “Caro” used by Mr. Dior’s sister Catherine Dior during World War II, has 18,000 seams The cannage pattern bag with symmetrical texture is constructed under the interlacing. The exquisite workmanship is eye-catching. There are two sizes of large and small to choose from. Once it is launched, it will become a new generation of DIOR classic bags!


DIOR 30 MONTAIGNE Montaigne small box bag, topped the NO.1 mini bag that many people want the most! The simple and neat bag shape and the wide shoulder strap can easily create a variety of styles, and you don’t have to worry about how to match them. It is a mini bag that meets your daily needs!

GUCCI Horsebit 1955 Shoulder Bag

Gucci classic horsebit 1955 series, following the popular square bag and bucket bag previously launched, there are new works released recently! This latest side-back camera bag is decorated with a “horsebit” design composed of two elements, a double ring and a connecting strip. Taiwan has also officially started selling it now.

CHANEL Coco Handle

The latest group designated small sachets by the girls is this coffee! CHANEL’s classic dream “Coco Handle Bag”, named after the brand’s founder Gabrielle Coco Chanel, retains the trapezoidal outline and rhombus stitching of the classic Classic Flap flap bag, and adds a practical handle to the bag, which is not only elegant but also elegant. There are many ways to use it at the same time! Also launched a new mini size, the proportion close to the square is light and cute, the small bag control is super worthy of collection!

CHANEL Classic Flap

You will never regret investing in a CHANEL Classic Flap bag in your life. Taking the 2.55 bag designed by Ms. Chanel as the inspiration source, it retains the important elements of the classic Chanel bag and makes detailed adjustments in details, such as changing Wearing a chain strap with leather, adding a double C Logo metal turnbuckle, etc. Among them, the Mini Flap Bag, the girl’s favorite, is nicknamed “Fang Fatty” for its cute size. The price soars every year.


FENDI’s most representative Baguette bag is made of black soft nappa leather and is discreetly decorated with FF pattern to create a timeless bag that combines fashion, elegance and vitality. It has two detachable long and short styles. The straps can be carried by hand, on the side, on the shoulder, and diagonally. The long bag design shows the elegant posture of women!


The CLASSIC BOX, which is simple in appearance but full of presence, inherits CELINE’s core concept of minimalism and elegance. The appearance does not have any high-profile LOGO elements. The neat square bag is matched with the square gold buckle to create this casual look. A classy American bag, the TEEN size between the smallest and large models, the organ-style interlayer inside the bag body can hold more than imagined, and the light size and capacity are not inferior to the medium-sized bags!

LOEWE Puzzle Bag

The LOEWE Puzzle bag designed by Jonathan Anderson is inspired by the clear pleats of origami. It creates the unique geometric lines of Puzzle with cuboid shape and precise cutting technology. It also makes the space fully utilized because of the special tailoring, plus it has five A super versatile way to wear it, it is simply the most practical and classic bag in the boutique world, and even the smallest version is super-packed!

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