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Why Buy a Moon Beam Light?

moon beam light

Whether you’re in the market for a new light for your house or for a gift for your loved ones, there are several reasons you’ll want to buy a moon beam light. They’re easy to use, reliable, and they’re affordable.

Disinfects quickly

Providing fast on-demand disinfection of high-touch surfaces, the MoonBeam(tm)3 disinfects fixtures and equipment in a three-minute cycle. The unit’s powerful UVC light provides safe, targeted dosing, eliminating pathogens without chemicals or fumes. It can be used on vertical or horizontal surfaces. It can disinfect bed rails and monitors, and is ideal for cleaning hard to wipe equipment.

The MoonBeam(tm)3 can be easily moved from one room to another, reducing the spread of infection. Using a 254 nm UVC disinfection light, it kills pathogens on intricate surfaces like medical equipment, patient beds, and work stations. It has an easy-to-use design that includes three individually adjustable arms. It also features an infrared motion sensor, which automatically stops the disinfection cycle if a person attempts to enter the area. This helps prevent the spread of many pathogens, while ensuring that surfaces are safe for the next patient.

Easy to use

Whether you’re in a hospital, medical office, or hotel, you can use MoonBeam3 to disinfect high-touch surfaces quickly and safely. You can use the device on keyboards, monitors, and fixtures, and it’s even suited for disinfecting patient care equipment.

This disinfection solution features advanced, targeted UVC dosing to reduce labor costs, improve patient safety, and reduce pathogen risks. In as little as three minutes, it can safely disinfect high-touch surfaces to reduce pathogens and spread of diseases.