Room Zero Disney Review

A haunted hotel, a dead mascot, and a dark secret are just a few of the elements in room zero disney that make this short story a must-read for horror fans. In this story, Disney holds a number of dark secrets that they don’t want the world to know about, and they attempt to silence anyone who talks about it by making them disappear off social media.

In order to avoid this, the narrator goes to extreme measures to protect his identity. He locks his computer, blocks his phone, and even revokes his library card after he posts something about the Disney parks on Twitter. This leads to a lot of paranoia, which also helps explain why he spends so much time in Mowgli’s Palace and other abandoned Disney locations.

The Big Bad:

Walt Disney is portrayed as a corrupt company that holds many dark secrets, and it appears that he’s not afraid to use them for his own purposes. This includes acquiring high-priced land for his parks and stealing the identities of people who try to speak out about them.

The Big Bad’s Message:

In the first story, the narrator is told that Mowgli’s Palace is haunted by dangerous wild animals and that the people who work there have been killed by an evil force. In the sequel, this becomes more explicit when the narrator discovers that some of the staff have been killed by an inverted Mickey.

He also receives a warning from a possessed mascot in the park that he can’t talk about these things anymore. This is a sign that the mascot’s mind has been corrupted by the Big Bad, and it appears that they’ve begun to murder children in the park as well.

A Few Suggestions:

The narrator is also given some tips on how to survive in the hotel, and they include keeping your room locked at all times and not talking about what’s going on. They also recommend that you check in at 4pm, which is a great way to get into your room early and give yourself time to relax before heading off to the parks.

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