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Most practical living room design and decorating tips

Living room decoration is the soul of the whole home decoration! So, do you know how to design a living room and what are the design techniques for a living room? Next we will take you through the principles and techniques of living room design.

practical living room design

How to Design a Living Room

Generous space.

In the living room decoration design, it is very important to create a feeling of spaciousness, no matter the space is large or small, it is necessary to pay attention to this in the interior decoration design. The feeling of spaciousness can lead to a relaxed mood and a happy mood.

Maximize space.

The living room is the most important public activity space in the home. Whether or not to make an artificial ceiling, the height of the space must be guaranteed. This height means that the living room should be the largest clear space in the home (except for the stairwell). This maximization involves the use of various optical illusion treatments.

practical living room design

Best view.

In interior decoration design, we must ensure that the living room is beautiful from which angle, which also includes the optimization of the main viewing angle (the sofa) to see the outdoor scenery. The living room should be the most beautiful or personal space in the entire room decoration.

Brightest lighting.

The living room should be the brightest place for the light (whether natural or artificial) in the whole room, of course, this light is not absolute, but relative. Perhaps in some practical activities, light is essential.

practical living room design

Popularity of style.

Regardless of your or any family member’s personality or aesthetic traits, unless you don’t usually have relatives and friends, you have to make sure its style is acceptable to the public. This popularity does not mean ordinary decoration, but needs to be designed in a harmonious and receptive style.

Generalization of materials.

When it comes to living room renovations, you must make sure that the materials used, especially the floor materials, are suitable for most or all family members. For example, laying bricks that are too smooth in a living room could injure or hinder the movement of seniors or children.

practical living room design

Traffic optimization.

The layout of the living room should be the most fluid, whether it is the living room on the side or the living room in the middle, you should make sure to enter the living room or pass through the living room. Of course, this guarantee is formed when conditions permit.

Suitable for furniture.

The furniture used in the living room should take into account the suitability of family activities and members. The most important consideration here is the use of the elderly and children, and sometimes we have to make some concessions for their convenience.

Living Room Design Tips

Living room decoration skills 1: Magical use of curtains

In addition to DIY tablecloths, excess curtains or decorative cloths can also be used as small partitions to separate the home space, which can be stored freely without losing warmth.

Living room decoration skills 2: Make full use of the three-dimensional space

There is always more and more at home. In order to store scattered items, you can buy some storage bags, storage racks, etc., so there are various storage tools at home, which is actually a bit messy. At this time, you might as well find a piece of wood and nail it to the wall. You can stagger one or more. If you think the wood is a single color, you can also consider applying various colors of paint to the wood. It is not only beautiful and fashionable, but also can put some gadgets, such as CDs, small dolls, small potted plants, etc.

practical living room design

Living room decoration skills 3: It is advisable to open the living room and dining room halfway

Nowadays, many home decoration designs, especially small family dining room decoration designs, will consider designing the living room and dining room as a semi-open mode, abandoning the old partition walls and making the space more open. If you really want to separate, you can replace it with a storage cabinet with storage, which will be more practical.

Living room decoration skills 4: small corners with big uses

Whether it’s a bedroom renovation or a living room renovation, the corner is often an overlooked place. In fact, these corners can be put to good use, for example, you can put the small flower stand in the corner of the living room to grow some potted plants, make a garden corner, or you can put the organized storage box on the wrapping paper, and then Stacked in the corner, like a pile of happy gifts.

practical living room design

Living room decoration tips 5: The more furniture the better

If your new home is a small family, it is recommended to minimize the use of less important furniture, such as large TV cabinets, wine cabinets, etc. Too much furniture will make the home space messy rather than simple. Also, if you really need to buy a large piece of furniture, try putting it in the corner of the living room.

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