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The Five Best Study Desk Arrangement Tips

It is also in the study space. If you are facing a dull and boring desk, you may want to sleep after only ten minutes, but sitting in front of a beautiful and healing desk for a long time is not tired. In this case, let’s make a good desk arrangement! The following editor will share with you five key points of study desk layout, to help you create a clean and comfortable reading environment that is easy to move, easy to store, and aesthetically pleasing.

The key points of the study desk layout 1 – get the desk seat orientation, stay in the study more stable and focus

Generally speaking, desks and chairs are not suitable to be placed in the center. The main reason is that there is no backrest, which can easily make people feel uneasy, which leads to mood fluctuations, which is not conducive to reading and thinking. It is recommended to have at least one side against the wall. And if the desk is against the door, it is easy to be distracted, which is not conducive to learning. As for the beam pressing on the top of the desk, there will be a sense of oppression, which will cause discomfort. Avoid it to create a better desk feng shui.

Study Desk Arrangement Point 2 – Proper storage, so that the space is tidy and the flow line is smooth

There are not only books on the desk, and if the surrounding items are scattered, it is easy to appear messy. If you want to avoid clutter, the key lies in the smooth storage planning of the moving line. It is best to put it away without getting up, and there should be enough cabinets to be classified and placed, so that the items can be kept neat.

Study desk arrangement points 3-foldable shelf, making storage more flexible

Table items can be divided into mobile and fixed types. Fixed lamps, computers, stereos, teacups, and wires should have their own positions. For movable stationery, it is recommended to purchase foldable Japanese-style storage shelves or stationery. As for special supplies such as earphones, you can prepare hangers to place them.

Study desk arrangement points 4-wall arrangement to create atmosphere and self-style

The wall is also one of the key points of desk layout. If you need to pay attention to efficiency as a desk in a studio, you can plan message boards and memo walls in advance. If it is a more relaxed study, you can use perforated boards or laminates on the walls. Put photos, postcards, calendars and other commemorative items, and the plain wall can also use photo frames to show different styles, or change the arrangement with the season to create a different atmosphere.

Study Desk Arrangement Points 5-Place small objects on the desktop to make the reading environment more interesting

There are books and documents on the table, of course, the study will become very boring. If you are tired of reading books, you need to rest. At this time, it is best to have a small plant to relieve eye pressure, or use scented candles to relax or calm down. If there is a collection of cultural and creative objects, dolls…, and even the company of your own furry child at the table, it can heal the mood and integrate life and play with work and study.

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