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Latest Design Trend: Kitchen Island Pendant Lights

There is a new trend in kitchen design to install pendant lights on the counters of island kitchens. Not only is the pendant light elegant, stylish and incredible, it also offers a very practical application in the form of directional lighting, which is most needed in a busy kitchen.

As with any new trend, installing pendant lights has become an evolved form of design, thanks to the kitchen island being one of the most popular inclusions in busy home spaces. Archipelagos are not only popular because of the added practicality they bring in the food preparation area, they’ve been making surfaces that serve two purposes and provide an informal dining, great form for breakfast, it’s good morning, But night can be a problem.

Who wants to sit down and eat a meal they can’t see very well? This can be a great way to get kids to eat vegetables, but for others, part of the fun of sitting down and eating is being able to enjoy the full sensory experience and flush -fit spotlights will add a lot of lighting and it won’t be a target, which is why pendants have cracked into kitchen design schemes.

We’ve put together this handy guide to answer any and all questions about kitchen pendant lighting to help make smarter decisions.

How to install pendant lights.

As we’ve already said, bar lighting is a very smart and practical idea, but if the installation process is tricky or time-consuming, is it really worth it? We always recommend hiring a qualified lighting team to install any pendant light, especially This is when the kitchen is finished and the ceilings are painted. Electricity is not something that hobbyists can fiddle with.

A related question that is often asked is how high to hang the pendant light above the island. Generally, between 28 and 34 inches is enough headroom. This may be uncomfortable for those with low ceilings, but retractable cords and cords can always be shortened to suit a particular room.

Consider the three principles of chandeliers.

The island lamp above is influenced by a lot of other decorative elements; golden rule three. Many interior designers have said that to make a room layout more rounded and proportioned, items should be placed in multiples of three, and as you can see here, it also works for pendant lights.

Of course, how many lights to hang on an island counter is still a matter of personal preference, not to mention size, but if three can fit in without looking too crowded, it’s worth checking out. Basically, three lights will ensure adequate lighting at each end, as well as the all-important central part of the countertop.

Make sure the pendant lights match the spacious kitchen.

Backlighting above shouldn’t be considered a separate aspect of the kitchen as it will really stand out if it doesn’t stand out from the rest of the design elements. Lighting, especially those eye-catching, almost eye-level fixtures, needs to be paired with nearby furniture and hardware. For the kitchen, the countertop material and faucet on the island will be the most influential neighbors.

A good rule of thumb is to choose very simple pendant lights, perhaps clear glass shades, when in doubt, as they will almost blend into the background rather than stand out.

Antique chandeliers are a trend in themselves.

For homeowners who like to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to interior design fashion, vintage chandeliers are an absolute must-have above a central island. They don’t even need to be hung in a space that’s already decorated in a vintage style, as they can provide just the right contrast to accentuate an otherwise contemporary space, but of course, a traditional kitchen will always look extra with vintage elements included. Inside.

Antique pendants often include decorative metalwork and handcrafted glass, and what could be more wonderful than enjoying a meal under such unique craftsmanship?

Industrial chandeliers can be found everywhere.

Always aim to have a consistent flow of light across the island counter, and when in doubt, opt for lights that can be adjusted. Recycled industrial projects are often simple to operate, easy to adjust, and have purpose-built beams for maximum strength. They also look very pretty.

The placement of the pendant lights may sound like a very simple question, after all, they just go right over the kitchen island, don’t they? Well, where to install depends a lot on the style and number of lights installed, so it’s not like the original It seems so simple, but an industrial design can make the process easier.

Colorful chandeliers add something.

The lighting idea might not seem so varied, like a pendulum working on a kitchen island, but how about adding some color to the mix, just for fun? This is an idea that works especially well in small kitchens, to make the kitchen Liven up, while also adding character to the tones elsewhere in the room.

In a small kitchen, large accessories need to be kept to a minimum to maintain an unfussy and clutter-free aesthetic, but if a pendant light is an absolute must, a colored glass shade will create a beautiful focal point.

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