Choosing a Plug For Wall Lamp

plug for wall lamp

There are many reasons why you might need a plug for wall lamp – whether you want to add a light to your reading nook, brighten a hallway or illuminate the stairs, wall mounted lights are a great alternative to traditional table lamps and can make a real style statement. They’re also a good choice for dark corners where the natural light can struggle to reach and are often less bulky than floor or table lamps. They’re available in hardwired and plug-in options, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

Plug-in sconces have cords that plug into standard outlets, so they don’t require any rewiring or the services of an electrician. This means that they’re perfect for DIYers or homeowners who don’t have electrical expertise. You can mount them in your home without having to worry about getting a permit or putting holes in your walls and they’re easy to move around as needed.

The Mokhtar Plug-In Flush Mount Wall Lamp is a unique and stylish way to light up your favorite spot in the home. The flush mount design allows it to sit low on the wall, with a perforated shade that diffuses the single bulb within. The hexagonal shape is both decorative and eye-catching, while the white shade softens the brightness of the fixture and gives it a clean and classic appearance. It’s rated for both residential and commercial use and comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty to protect your investment.

Another option for a sconce with a vintage appeal is the Hamden Plug-In Armed Sconce. This fixture has the look of a diner wall lamp with a contemporary twist. The single metal arm directs the light down and can be adjusted with the rocker switch that’s included. The base and finish on this light is reminiscent of industrial styling, while the opal glass sconce adds a touch of elegance.

This sconce is a little different than the other two on this list in that it uses an uplight instead of a downlight. The Edison-style bulb can be adjusted with the on/off switch and a rocker control. The wrought iron frame is finished in either brass or burnished nickel and can be used with a variety of interior decor.

Using an uplight instead of a downlight is a great way to open up your space and make it feel larger. It’s a good idea to use the multi detector before drilling into any part of your home and to always mark your drill spots with a pencil or cross so you don’t hit a pipe and risk flooding or electrocuting yourself. It’s important to follow all safety tips when installing a light, including checking for any hidden pipes and cables before drilling.